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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 03:08:22 PDT

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    Hello All!
    Just dropping another note on this subject and a few others. First I
    have made the decision not to post anymore articles on the,
    (Journalists on this list are welcome to quote me on this)
    Sino-American Cyberwar (tm) since this is anything but a cyberwar.
    If this was an actual cyberwar, I would expect since I am in the
    landing pattern of flights to O'Hare airport, that 747's should have
    been landing in my front yard by now, the banking networks should be
    offline, all the major stock exchanges would be on the fritz, anarchy
    would reign supreme in the streets of every metropolitan American
    city, and the Internet would be so DDos'd that I couldn't post this
    story for at least a week.
    This Sino-American Cyberwar is anything but that, Please keep in mind
    that the Chinese have and will executed hackers in the past, and
    without direct PLA involvment, any Chinese hacker caught defacing U.S.
    websites is chancing a bullet to the head, and his organs to be sold
    to the highest bidder. I have been told that only the Chinese version
    of the packetmonkies are doing the defacing since the older hackers
    have laughed off this whole war as a waste of time.
    However, I might eat my words on all of this if a 747 lands in my
    front yard, My e-Trade account tanks, and I can't get a fast $1000 to
    head for the hills with my bug-out kit sometime between now and the
    seventh of May.
    I also got this note below from the webmaster at the Overseas Security
    Advisory Council, I should also mention that the idea of making a free
    screensaver out of this information, & virus attack dates, major
    hacking dates, moon phases, and yes, my favorite television psychic,
    Miss Cleo is getting alot of support and I am going to start
    development of this in the next couple of weeks.
    William Knowles
    Forwarded by: the OSAC Webmaster <webmasterat_private>
    People who would like to check significant dates of can go to the
    Overseas Security Advisory Council's (OSAC) website, .  This is
    where it looks like the Terrorism Research Center has been getting
    it's information.  OSAC is a State Department entity that deals with
    the private sector and has been compiling this information for more
    than sixteen years.
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    > Well it appears that one of those idle dusty ones and zeros that get
    > collected over the years through e-mail and whatnot belongs to someone
    > else, and just before sending tonight's mail I found out from a kinda
    > crabby mail from a director with the Terrorism Research Center that
    > yesterday's posting on Calendar of Significant Dates in May was
    > originally from Terrorism Research Center -
    > and the site was:
    > Since I have been asked to refrain from posting TRC material in the
    > future and since the Calendar of Significant Dates is compiled from
    > data from the U.S. Department of State and other sources, it probably
    > won't stop me from creating a house version of the calender of
    > signifcant dates HTML calender and maybe a screen-saver (as was
    > recommended by one ISN reader) from open sources, the Department of
    > State, news reports, and Miss Cleo. It will just take a little longer.
    > While I'm at it, and speaking of the Department of State, They just
    > released their Patterns of Global Terrorism 2000 at:
    > I wonder if I will be getting a note from Miss Cleo next?
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