Re: [ISN] Calendar of Significant Dates in May

From: bacano (bacanoat_private)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 03:59:18 PDT

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    Isn't it nice to know when it's likelly that somebody will plan vacations?
    the oposite dates is when somebody will plan attacks? nice to know both ..
    Probably terrorists and black-hats can now better schedule attack days ...
    "this one is for you, this one is for me ..." (yeah, it's true, they have a
    labor union!!)
    When people will realize that every day is a D day?
    This started with calendars for virus days, now everybody knows that any day
    it's a virus day, why with other kind of attacks it's diferent?
    Voodoo tip: moon phases this days only help to know the better day for
    fishing =;o)
    [  ]'s bacano
    Esoteric Pizza Research (CEO)
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