[ISN] FBI's cyber-cops warn of "significant rise" in Unix exploits

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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 02:38:08 PDT

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    By Newsbytes Staff
    May 02, 2001
    Malicious hackers have scanned literally millions of Unix-based
    computer networks of late in search of a particular printer program
    and network protocol that can be exploited to gain complete control
    over affected systems, federal computer security experts warned
    The National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), the FBI's
    cybercrime arm, said it had observed a "very significant increase" in
    attempts to exploit the weaknesses.
    According to the alert, the vulnerabilities reside in program called
    "lpd/LPRng," which handles printer requests across Unix networks. The
    other weakness involves Sun Microsystems' RPC (remote procedure call),
    a protocol listening on Port 111 on Unix systems that allows services
    across a network to communicate with one another.
    The NIPC said such vulnerabilities could allow malicious hackers to
    gain "root" access over the affected system, which is then most often
    used to host and execute a distributed denial of service (DDoS) tool
    called "mstream."
    For more information on these two vulnerabilities, check out
    For the NIPC advisory, visit:
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