[ISN] Forced Attrition by Carole Fennelly

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Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 07:36:36 PDT

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    One of my favorite bookmarks is attrition.org. Offering computer
    security candor often wrapped around a raised middle finger, Attrition
    is best known for hosting the Web's largest collection of defacement
    mirrors. But no longer. The site recently announced it will no longer
    maintain the mirror that made it infamous.
    This announcement has led to widespread rumours and speculations on
    the motivations behind this move and possible side-effects most of
    them wrong. The most common misconception is that Attrition is
    "logging off" or "throwing in the towel" because the staff can't keep
    up with web site defacements.
    Attrition stafferBrian Martin, better known as "Jericho" graciously
    took some time out of his swamped schedule to answer some questions on
    the subject.
    Q & A with Jericho of attrition.org
    Q:  I've seen quite a few headlines that refer to Attrition as
    "retiring" or "throwing in the towel". What's your response to these
    A:  Attrition is certainly not retiring or going away. We are simply
    retiring a single aspect of the site at this time, just as we have
    with others in the past. The mirror was one of the higher profile
    parts of attrition, thus some people making hasty remarks about us
    'going away'. It is unfortunate that they have missed out on the rest
    of the site all this time.
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