[ISN] SECURITY ALERT, May 29, 2001: Problem with Microsoft Word Macros; Buffer Overflow in Windows Media Player; Vulnerabilities in eEye SecureIIS

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Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 18:51:40 PDT

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    Security Alert, May 29, 2001
    By embedding a macro in a template and providing another user with a
    Rich Text Format (RTF) document that links to the template, an attacker
    can cause macros to run automatically when the user opens the RTF
    document. Microsoft has released an FAQ and a patch to remedy this
    An unchecked buffer vulnerability in the method Windows Media Player
    (WMP) uses to process Active Stream Redirector (.asx) files can result
    in a buffer overflow. An attacker can use the vulnerability to run code
    on the vulnerable computer under the user's security context. Microsoft
    has acknowledged this vulnerability and recommends that users of WMP 6.4
    immediately apply the patch contained in Security Bulletin MS01-029. For
    users of WMP 7.0, Microsoft recommends an upgrade to version 7.1.
    Multiple vulnerabilities exist in eEye's SecureIIS 1.0.2. The first
    vulnerability involves the keyword-checking feature: SecureIIS fails to
    decode escaped characters in a request's query, which can lead to
    information disclosure. The second involves a directory traversal
    vulnerability that lets an attacker break out of the Web root directory.
    The third vulnerability involves a buffer overrun condition caused by
    the way SecureIIS processes HTTP header and large-character requests.
    The vendor, eEye Digital Security, recommends that users upgrade to
    version 1.0.5, which addresses these vulnerabilities.
    For complete details about these vulnerabilities, including links to
    patches and additional information, please visit the following URLs.
    * Macros Can Run Without Warning under Microsoft Word
    * Buffer Overflow Condition in Windows Media Player
    * Multiple Vulnerabilities in eEye SecureIIS
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