[ISN] Navy weighs NMCI portal security

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Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 00:12:54 PDT

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    BY Bill Murray 
    May 30, 2001 
    The Navy is considering using one standard portal product that will
    help control individuals access to applications the Navy will place on
    its $6.9 billion intranet.
    Users logging on to the Navy Marines Corps Intranet, which will tie
    together on one network the Navys shore-based organizations, would
    obtain access to the intranet using a common access card.
    The Web-based portal product would replace the Navys costly effort to
    develop a public-key infrastructure for all applications accessible
    over NMCI. The portal product would require users logging onto the
    network to rely on a common access card, which is inserted into a PC
    Card reader, to access applications. Under this scenario, the portal
    itself would be PKI-enabled, but the portal would work as a handshake
    with the access card, verifying the card and reading what applications
    the user has permission to access.
    "I never have to PKI-enable the application" using the portal, said
    Ron Turner, deputy CIO at the Navy for infrastructure, systems and
    technology. "Thats something were looking at investing in heavily."
    Without a Web-based portal product, the Navy would have had to develop
    PKI for every application, a costly and time-consuming effort. The
    Defense Department has required all services to PKI-enable all
    applications by 2003, many of which are on legacy systems. Navy
    officials believe the portal and access card will meet the DOD
    Turner said that, from a CIO perspective, the Navy would like to have
    one portal product, but he is not sure if the technology is available
    The Navy hopes the first Web-based portal a so-called splash screen
    that would push out software upgrades to onshore bases will be
    available in June, said Capt. Chris Christopher, Navy deputy program
    executive officer for IT. The splash screen will be a native
    Extensible Markup Language portal built from the ground up.
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