[ISN] Swordfish & Seizing Electronic Evidence

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Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 02:46:31 PDT

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    Well here it is, a couple minutes to 5:00am CST and my mind is just
    now slowing down enough to get a little sleep.
    Thanks to RSA Security I attended their premier screening of
    'Swordfish' and I highly recommend it as one helluva movie to actually
    plop down your $9.00 at the local theater and enjoy a good flick.
    If you liked Travolta's performance as Castor Troy in 'Face Off' then
    you will really love him in 'Swordfish.'
    One fun tidbit is Halle Berry's character is named Ginger, but later
    in the movie there is mention of Ginger Knowles, so who knows if that
    was a little shoutout from the writers. One could only hope! =)
    Buy all your drinks, snacks & munchies before the movie trailers
    start, the first ten minutes of Swordfish are probably some of the
    best action scenes in recent memory!
    I don't want to spoil anything for anybody, one of the better sites
    for movie reviews is Rotten Tomatoes and here's the link for all of
    the Swordfish reviews...
    Eariler in the week I had posted the article from CIO on "Break Glass,
    Pull Handle, Call FBI" and I had asked for recommendations on what to
    do next.
    Several ISN readers have sent off URL's and guides for what to do when
    you suspect (or know) that your computer(s) have had their security
    compromised and you want (or hope) to prosecute the parties for doing
    John Glover, CISSP <gloverat_private> sent off the URL for the
    United States Secret Service on IACP/USSS Best Practices for Seizing
    Electronic Evidence reference guide.
    From looking the online guide, it pretty much covers everything and
    then some, & how can you go wrong with a guide written as Joint
    Project of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the
    United States Secret Service?
    John also mentions that they will also send you a pocket size spiral
    version if you can prove that you are a "good guy"
    There are a few other ISN readers that have sent in other suggestions
    on what to do, but I haven't had the time to diseminate them all, and
    I will post them as I get them. (Likely this weekend) 
    William Knowles
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