Re: [ISN] Trojan vendor dishes the Dirt

From: security curmudgeon (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 14:25:37 PDT

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    > By James Middleton 
    > 07 Jun 2001
    > Codex Data Systems, marketers of the controversial Dirt Trojan, has
    > rubbished claims that the product does not actually exist. Eddie James,
    > vice president of Codex, told "Dirt has been available since
    > 1998. It is in use by a number of law enforcement agencies." 
    > James also claimed that organisations such as Nato and the Hi-tech Crime
    > Investigators Association have expressed interest in the product. 
    > "The only reason it is of interest now is because someone got hold of a
    > marketing presentation that was not for public disclosure. In fact, the
    > product's existence was not meant to be public knowledge," he said,
    > adding that "if we find that person we will file a criminal complaint
    > through the Secret Service". 
    Huh? DIRT has been 'publicly' known for a long time. There have been
    articles and their own web pages w/ information and marketing hype.
    > James said that he would "love to demonstrate the tool", but since
    > is not an officially recognised law enforcement agency, he
    > could not.
    Since there is no LAW stopping them, this is THEIR choice to not
    demonstrate it.
    > As for the ability to bypass firewalls, done by killing the process in
    > the operating system, there is no explanation as to how it attacks the
    > firewall in the first place.
    Because it is a hoax and does no such thing.
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