[ISN] Whonami - New Resource for Security/Network Admins

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Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 18:42:08 PDT

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    Forwarded by: Richard Forno <rfornoat_private>
    FYI, this is a free public service that I helped launch this week as
    an internet community resource....it's still growing and evolving, but
    I think anyone involved with CCI, INFOSEC, or network admin work will
    find this useful.
    Rick Forno
    infowarrior.org / whonami.com
    Whonami, Ltd. announces the public release of the world's first
    independent multi-lingual global domain name search and registration
    Whonami Global Internet Name Search Service (GINS) is a user-friendly
    web service enabling Internet users to query domain names and phrases
    from an ever-growing list of worldwide possibilities. Free to all
    users, Whonami GINS operates in seconds - not minutes or days - and
    currently conducts searches in over 170 Top-Level Domains (TLDs)
    around the world.
    As an independent query service not operated by any specific domain
    registrar, Whonami GINS is able to offer domain name search and
    registration resources covering US Top-Level and unrestricted
    international domain names in one search, and will soon support the
    growing number of publicly-accepted alternate domains such as Dot-Biz,
    Dot-MP3, and Dot-XXX offered by various domain registration companies.
    Whonami GINS will also support ICANN-approved new TLDs (such as
    Dot-Info) as they become available.
    Whonami GINS also provides Internet Protocol address lookups (via the
    ARIN IP address database) and facilitates international domain name
    searches or registrations by offering English language translation
    services. Further, Whonami GINS offers international users the ability
    to cut-and-pate search requests from users¹ native alphabets including
    Arabic, Simple Chinese, Cyrillic, Kanji, and others.
    The domain name environment is a highly dynamic one, often mixed with
    competing industry and organizational interests. In such an
    environment, it is essential that a public resource exist that can not
    only adapt quickly to change, but can remain objective and focussed on
    a specific function instead of multiple business models.
    Users of Whonami GINS include new Internet users searching for a
    desirable domain name and organizations wishing to develop a list of
    all domain names they may own. Whonami GINS is particularly useful for
    network administrators and those who must identify potential trademark
    infringement or misuse of corporate marks. Whonami GINS is committed
    to user privacy and does not archive or exploit logs of its customer
    queries or activities.
    Whonami GINS is found at http://www.whonami.com/
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