Re: [ISN] Pentagon Reverses Order to Destroy Old Hard Drives

From: Dave Dittrich (dittrichat_private)
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 16:11:05 PDT

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    > The Pentagon will have to overwrite the hard drives of computers being
    > donated or going to the public, which it had done for years before the
    > January edict.
    For anyone else considering implementing this policy, a co-worker of
    mine hacked together a nice bootable-floppy x86/IDE disk wiper he
    calls "autoclave".  Its pretty slick, and supports many different
    levels of overwriting before zeroing out all the blocks.  (Very nice
    to use when re-installing an OS, especially on a honeypot, to avoid
    data pollution.)

    Have your employees run this before surplusing equipment and
    no more sensitive files get sold at rock bottom prices.
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