Re: [ISN] FAA worker gets a year in code theft

From: Gary Stock (gstockat_private)
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 06:22:29 PDT

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    Security, schmecurity :-)
    What's _really_ wrong with this story?
    InfoSec News wrote:
     > A former engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration who stole
     > the only copy of a computer code crucial to monitoring air traffic at
     > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   
     > O'Hare International Airport was sentenced Tuesday to a year in prison.
     > ...
     > ...Varlotta stole the only copy of the software program...
    Granted, it's a bit unclear whether the reporter thinks this is
    'software program' source code, or 'a computer code' for secure
    access... but either way, who decided (or failed to notice) there would
    be only one copy?!?
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