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    InfowarCon 2001:
    Techniques and Strategies for Securing Shared Infrastructures	
    Washington D.C.
    September 5 - 6, 2001	
    September 4, 7, 2001 Optional Workshops
    Sponsored by: MIS Training Institute & Interpact, Inc. 	
    A Conference for the Times...
    InfowarCon 2001 has been developed to deliver proven techniques and 
    strategies for protecting your shared infrastructures from external and 
    internal attack.
    Now in its 12th year, this critically acclaimed event brings together 
    military leaders, political forces, academics, and industry captains from 
    all over the globe who will share their hard-won experiences and expertise. 
    You will benefit from the first-hand knowledge of in-the-trenches 
    infowarriors from such highly regarded organizations as the Carnegie Mellon 
    Research Institute, UK Ministry of Defence, the Joint Military Training 
    Center, Logicon; TNO Physics and Electronics Labs, Netherlands, Defence 
    Communications Services Agency, UK, the National Infrastructure Protection 
    Center, and more.
    You'll get proven techniques and broad perspectives from presenters that 
    include in-the-trenches pros from the military, private, and political 
    arenas. These front-line experts have seen it all, done it all, and done it 
    better than anyone else.
    6 Special Tracks
    To make sure you optimize your conference experience and meet your 
    objectives, we’ve organized InfowarCon 2001 into six targeted tracks:
    Information Space: Chaired by D.H. Dearth, Course Director, JMITC
    Sessions in this track examine the distinct mechanisms that help shape
    Information Space.
    National Infrastructure Protection: Chaired by Clayt Lemme, National 
    Infrastructure Protection Agency
        Get the basics of international infrastructure policies
        and procedures and learn the lessons learned in the
        sessions in this track.
    Law Enforcement: Chaired by Robert C. Rusnak, Senior Information Operations 
    Analyst, Systems Technology Associates
        Sessions in this track look at the application of IW to
        law enforcement.
    Technical: Chaired by Winn Schwartau, President, Interpact, Inc.; Founder, 
        Past InfowarCon attendees have said, "Give some more bits
        and bytes," so here they are! You’ll find sessions in this
        track on advanced research and case studies from international
        experts in a variety of disciplines.
    People Problems & Solutions: Chaired by Morgan Wright, Deputy Director, 
    Information Security, Federal Government Group, Unisys Corporation
    Security professionals forget that behind every keyboard
    is a person with intent, motive and allegiance. This new
    track is designed to give insights into various people
    problems…from leaders to kids.
    International Problems & Solutions: Chaired by Matthew Devost, Founding 
    Director, Terrorism Research Center, Inc.
        From cooperative IO/IW to terrorism, the international
        community has a lot offer. The disparate sessions in
        this track cover the gamut of thinking and future ideas
        and capabilities.
    Complete Conference Materials
    Materials for all sessions (excluding workshops) whether
    you attended them or notwill be posted on the Web after
    the conference. Attendees will receive an access code with
    which to access the materials, which will include case studies,
    guidelines, comparisons, checklists, and more. You will receive
    hand-outs for the sessions you attend.
    Team Discount
    When four people from your organization attend, each will receive a 20% 
    discount. Registrations must be made and paid for at the same time. This 
    savings cannot be combined with any other discounts.
    Networking opportunities abound at InfowarCon 2001. Scheduled receptions, 
    luncheons, refreshment breaks, and impromptu discussions provide ideal 
    backdrops for swapping ideas with colleagues and turning conference 
    speakers into personal "consultants."
    Vendor Expo
    Leading vendors of security products and services will be on hand to demo 
    their offerings and answer your questions.
    In-Depth Workshops
    Optional workshops before and after InfowarCon 2001 let you leverage your 
    travel time and take advantage of an intensive day of learning.
    Continuing Education Credits
    Attendees will be eligible to receive 15 CEUs for the conference and 7 for 
    each workshop.
    You can register at Misti EZ Access#: IW01
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