[ISN] Fifteen Year Old Becomes 'Hacker Queen'

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 23:17:14 PDT

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    A middle school student ranked first place in the "Hacker Queen
    Contest" organized by an Internet security provider it was reported
    Thursday with fifteen-year-old Choi Hae-ran chosen as number one among
    70 hackers competing in the contest. Choi surprised the watchers as
    she broke into all five test stages in under four hours, when others
    took as long as four days on average. Analysts noted that with her
    hacking skill, she can easily break into almost any homepage of any
    Choi says that she never went to academies or took private lessons,
    but simply browsed around the various web sites related to hacking.
    Although she is more into reading computer magazines and books than
    school textbooks, she rarely fails to top her class.
    Choi has only ever broken into one homepage before, confessing that
    she once broke into her school homepage and erased a piece of writing
    that would offend teachers. She hadn't mentioned this before as no
    fuss was made out of the issue as she did it discreetly.
    Her name is now listed in the Hall of Fame of the Hacker's Lab, in
    which some 1,000 domestically renowned hackers belong. Choi says that
    she wants to challenge herself on foreign hacking sites such as
    "pulltheplug.com". Her dream is to become "a hacker that catches
    (Shin Dong-heun, dhshinat_private)
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