[ISN] Solaris hole gives hackers free rein

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 02:24:14 PDT

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    By Matthew Broersma, ZDNet News
    22 June 2001
    Researchers have discovered a bug that could give hackers unlimited
    access to any machine running Sun's Unix operating system, Solaris.  
    The bug, discovered by security consultancy ISS X-Force, affects a
    utility designed to give remote users access to a local printer. The
    line printer daemon (in.lpd), as it is called, contains a flaw in the
    "transfer job" routine that could allow hackers to overflow an
    unchecked buffer, a common means of gaining unauthorised access to a
    Hackers could exploit the flaw to crash the printer daemon or execute
    malicious code with system administrator privileges, according to
    X-Force. The printer software is installed by default on all Solaris
    Sun says it is working on a fix, which will be available next month,
    and X-Force recommends the software be turned off until the patch is
    Solaris runs on Sun Microsystems and Intel hardware, and is the
    dominant operating system for high-end Internet servers.
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