Re: [ISN] USA Today as DoD cyber-war propaganda mouthpiece

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Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 02:03:09 PDT

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    Ok, it's in french, but yes, there is something else about this huge
    piece of FUD:
    What's more, a .mil web site on the disa's IP blocks gives away all
    the data stored in it like the personal data of many military guys
    (tel number, where they work and so on). The wariors of the cyber
    future stil lhave some work to do... :))))
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    Subject: [ISN] USA Today as DoD cyber-war propaganda mouthpiece
    > [Y'know that I really shouldn't ok articles at 3:00am, while I knew
    > this one was all FUD, it was fun FUD and I was hoping one of the many
    > ISN readers would have taken this and ripped Andrea Stone a new
    > a**hole over it, (as the case has been in the past with some news
    > stories posted here, and yes, a few angry calls from the reporters)
    > but that's what 'The Register' is for.  Expect to see this in
    > Attrition's errata section soon.  - WK]
    > By Thomas C Greene in Washington
    > Posted: 21/06/2001 at 17:23 GMT
    > Anyone seeking advanced tuition in passing off government propaganda
    > as news ought to consult USA Today columnist Andrea Stone's recent
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