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From: William Knowles (wkat_private)
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 02:31:51 PDT

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    Well I had a so-so time in Las Vegas for Blackhat and Defcon, the
    conference and convention was wonderful and I *HIGHLY* recommend
    attending at least one of Jeff Moss' conferences, make Las Vegas at
    least one of them.
    I had the so-so time in Las Vegas when there wasn't something going on
    and that was on my own time, while all my friend(s) were enjoying
    themselves, I was busy doing last minute work on packetstormsecurity
    as far as getting the t-shirts in and making sure the media was there
    on Saturday to cover it.  This was my first media rollout and I got
    the job mainly for my brown belt in the art of media-fu.
    More on this later, as I might have an announcement in the future.
    So basically having a captive audience at Blackhat, and covering the
    event for InfoSec News as a paid hack (journalist) I was able to meet
    many ISN subscribers and recruit several more, maybe I might have them
    added in time to read this, maybe not.
    So I have been told that [ISN] InfoSec News is one of the Top 10
    information security lists on the Internet, and close on NIPRNet, and
    no comment from SIPRNet. :) I finally met Alfred Huger who I though
    was as old as Batman's butler and I *FINALLY* received comments about
    how to improve ISN.
    In the past I have asked for comments on how I am doing with the list,
    no one was unsubscribing, plenty were subscribing, but everyone was so
    quiet I could hear the crickets outside and the hard drive spinning on
    my old laptop on the inside.
    - From a recently retired director of a division of the DoD who will
    remain nameless unless s/he wishes to de-cloak on the list wishes
    there was more commentary. So guess what? There will be more
    commentary on the list as I feel is needed; some days I might be too
    tired, other days all the stories might have some commentary.
    Some would like some Slashdot code for the website. (More on that in
    the next paragraph) The website is going to be www.infosecnews.org and
    Yes Virginia, we will have some sort of Slashcode on that site soon.
    WHOA! What's this news that ISN/C4I has infosecnews.org and
    Well early on when I took over this wonderful list from Brian Martin
    and the boys and girls of Attrition.org so they could concentrate on
    other projects, I started working away on improving on the quanity &
    quality of this list and soon afterwards I received basically an order
    from SC/Info Security Magazine to stop using the term InfoSec News
    since they own the trademark.
    To which I basically replied that until I am served in my underwear at
    8:00am by one of their process servers to do so, I will keep using the
    name, InfoSec News. I now know its now only a matter of time before I
    hear from their publisher & lawyers again that infosecnews.net and
    .org should be under their trademark, which I will point out in a 
    court of law that Brian Martin had prior use and that their trademark 
    should be null and void. I personally don't hope this happen, and that
    users/readers can tell the difference from their publication and ours.
    If they can't, well they have no business being in this business.
    Wait, what is this about you and Packetstormsecurity.org?
    I was reeled into being the media liaison for Packetstormsecurity.org
    which was announced in Las Vegas at Defcon 9 as going back to its 
    roots & into public hands, publishing all information security 
    information as it comes available, all open source, all free, 
    all the time. With no ads, no spin, no recommendations of friends 
    security companies, (Including my own) no recommendations for 
    security software, (even if they give packetstormsecurity.org 
    $1,000,000 U.S.D. to say really nice things about them) this will 
    force security sites like SecurityFocus and iDefense and many 
    others to possibly rethink their business models since who on 
    a limited infosec budget will want to spend their money for 
    something they could get for free. 
    (This might get me kicked off of SecurityFocus.
    No worries for me on this one...)
    News: Well this is information security news mailing list, what
    about news?
    Like the television show "Emergency" brought plenty of kids my age
    wanting to be firemen and paramedics and if you think I am kidding,
    ask any thirty-something paramedic what was their influence into
    making this their life's work.
    The one show I watch, without the Tivo, that I make time to make sure
    I watch and I have a damn good reason to miss is "The Beast."
    - From the website...
    Jackson Burns is an iconoclastic media mogul who has built a 24-hour
    broadcast news organization like no other.
    Jackson's (Frank Langella) unique team of reporters not only cover 
    the stories but are covered as part of the story. Cameras in the 
    halls, in their cars, and behind closed doors document the inner 
    workings of World News Service (WNS) - a.k.a. The Beast - and the 
    images captured are broadcast live to the world via the Internet.
    - From Jackson's perspective, journalists have lost all credibility. 
    He believes that he must turn the cameras on his reporters to ensure
    their veracity and guarantee that the public gets the whole truth. 
    For magazine reporter Alice Allenby (Elizabeth Mitchell), WNS is a
    frightening product of technology that crosses the line of 
    propriety into voyeurism and sensationalism.
    Jackson entices Alice with promises of more freedom, access, and
    resources than she could ever dream of. But Alice is torn between 
    her desire to report the news and the organization's desire to make 
    her a part of it.
    Diverse and driven, the WNS staff shares a mutual need - to feed 
    The Beast.
    This is the one television show that makes my eyes well up in tears 
    at the end of the show, one of the reasons is why can't reality 
    compete with fiction? There is no reason to watch CNN after the live 
    breaking news events after they have put their spin on the story. 
    Yes the CIA and all the other fine intelligence agencies have a live 
    feed going on all the time because CNN knows it usually before the 
    NRO satellites pick it up, the NSA decrypts it, and the U.S. Marines 
    are called to in pacify it. :)
    I want to be a Jackson Burns wannabe.
    So much so its going on my InfoSec News business cards when I print
    the next correctly printed batch. If its news in the information
    security realm, and we can confirm it as fact, not rumour, not who
    just made the hacker sex chart, who has the best firewall so says 
    that company's public relations firm, or who in October spit in my 
    face on bad information from a third party. (and I witnessed it in 
    first person)
    Now we will be still republishing whatever the unnamed ISN bawt finds
    on the Internet, Copyrights included (Thanks Carole for bringing that
    to my attention!) in english, soon in other languages translated into
    english, Blackhat and Defcon was the first real attempt to create our
    own content and this will become to norm, later there will be video,
    and yes it might break live.
    Wow, This sounds really great, how are you going to pay for
    this? where are you going to get real journalists, hardware and
    software, and keep the site alive?
    Glad I asked myself that. :)
    While I am not like Jackson Burns and have billions from selling a
    computer game company full of violent video games, InfoSec News will
    receive its funds from C4I.org (Also my hobby site) and from my new
    day job, and the umbrella of sites under it. I expect it to lose 
    money from day one (Today)
    Again I am happy to receive anonymous donations to C4I.org that will
    have its own bank account soon, and mark in the memo line: InfoSec
    News from private parties, organizations, and yes, public relations
    companies that wish in their wet dreams that I will republish their
    press release in it entirety and say nice things about it. (maybe I
    will, But I am sure I definitely won't)
    Mind you soon I will have a new updated C4I/InfoSec News wishlist and
    we will be more than happy to try new hardware and software out for a
    positive review, or if need be, negative review should it be pure
    Give me a week or so for that.
    So there you go, questions, comments, complains, death threats, 
    My fly is open? You all should know my address by now, reply back, 
    media inquiries, you can call me on my private number, death threats, 
    I won't say who I call. My fly *IS* open? Why are you looking there?
    William Knowles
    Moderator/Editor/Jackson Burns Wannabe
    InfoSec News
    "Communications without intelligence is noise;  Intelligence
    without communications is irrelevant." Gen Alfred. M. Gray, USMC
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