[ISN] ZDNet UK up for sale?

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 23:48:50 PDT

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    [Who wants to help me buy ZDNet UK? With any luck maybe I could buy
    the whole show for $1  :)   -WK]
    By Kieren McCarthy
    Posted: 10/08/2001 at 16:53 GMT
    Staff at ZDNet were told this morning that 12 people were to be made
    redundant. One of them is believed to be ZDNet UK's editorial director
    Tony Westbrook. Most of the remainder came from GameSpot -
    understandable considering the state of the online games market at the
    moment. More redundancies are expected to follow.
    More significant than this, however, the whole of ZDNet UK is believed
    to be up for sale. Last year, CNet bought ZDNet. Soon after it started
    making job cuts. The cuts have so far been centred on the US, but it
    looks as though the axe is beginning to fall elsewhere.
    As one clear indication of CNet's future intentions, this week it
    launched a UK version of its news.com site at http://uk.news.com. The
    news site follows the same design as parent news.com site but runs
    exactly the same stories in the same order with the same headlines and
    graphics as the ZDNet UK news site.
    News staff at ZDNet were in a meeting all morning, as indicated by the
    complete absence of UK-written stories. Instead, Reuters, ZDNet US and
    CNet US made up the content.
    CNet is thought to be looking for buyers for the ZDNet brand and the
    current favourite is Terra Lycos, although who knows what company may
    come out the shadows.
    ZDNet has failed to return calls regarding the situation.
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