[ISN] Stuph for 8.14.01 (Can't we all just get along?)

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 02:56:29 PDT

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    OK, last Friday I said that I wasn't going to post any more Code Red
    stuff unless it mutates into another strain that could kick your dog,
    date your girlfriend and steal your car.
    Well I was reminded of this site soon after posting Friday's mail.
    You Kicked My Dog 
    A forewarning, it gets a little blue in parts, so screen it once
    before playing it at lunchtime.  :)
    I'm sure most of you caught the posting last night about the
    Australian businessman hacked to death in PNG
    I'm figuring its only a matter of time before someone submits for
    posting exploit code for hacking an expatriate Australian, and then I
    will have the dilemma of whether to post it or not for the sake of
    Full Disclosure. :)
    I also want to say that tonight *REALLY* is the last night I will have
    any more parties replying on who was at fault for the Code Red virus,
    because soon droves of subscribers will start crabbing that they want
    news they signed up for and others will just unsubscribe.
    Since this is such a hot topic with everyone pointing fingers at
    everyone for who is at fault and whatnot, I was thinking that I should
    look on the calendar of information security conferences and arrange
    to get a pair of those Miller Lite Sumo suits so everyone could get
    out their aggressions that way.
    That or a local establishment that has Jello Wrestling, and I will
    put in the request for strawberry Jello for the night.
    I could already see the fightcard now, Marc Maiffret, Thomas Greene,
    Dan Verton, and put the invites out to SANS, NIPC, and Microsoft to
    send a representive.   
    Quick, Who wants be a sponsor?
    William Knowles
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