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Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 02:59:22 PDT

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    At 04:19 AM 8/13/01, InfoSec News forwarded on:
    > as for the twinkies, i prefer not to name names.  they're a
    > 'type'. they think company flacks are a legitimate news source.
    > (well they can be, so long as you're questioning them about their
    > competitors, lol). they're gullibile, and ambitious, and
    > well-groomed, and they don't expect people to lie to them.  they
    > went to schools like my alma mater (Williams), but they imagined
    > their professors were all wonderful people, and cherish their
    > diplomas.  they can read and digest difficult text, and re-cap it
    > on command; they've learned to follow complex instructions, meet
    > deadlines with pluck, and go about things in a 'professional'
    > manner -- that is, without reluctance, personal flair or (Heaven
    > forbid) independent moral reasoning. They lack imagination,
    > talent, and most of all, courage.  And they make me sick.
    Our colleagues are not perfect, but this is the most mean-spirited
    thing I've read in a long time.
    What the hell is the relevance of grooming?!
    Your willingness to leap to such generalizations is a dangerous
    tendency in a journalist. At best, it leads to the sort of
    stereotyping that claims all hackers are pimply social misfits. At
    worst, it could cause a reporter to force facts to fit his hypotheses
    or biases.
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