[ISN] SecurityPortal flounders on titsup.com atoll

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 01:33:42 PDT

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    By John Leyden
    Posted: 16/08/2001 at 13:51 GMT
    SecurityPortal.com, the online security content aggregation site, has
    been put on ice by parent firm, AtomicTangerine.
    The people behind the SecurityPortal Web site, which billed itself as
    the "focal point for security on the Net", claimed 250,000 information
    security professionals read the site each month. As well as acting as
    a news aggregator, the site contained 40,000 pages of security
    information, e-newsletters and specially focused digests.
    The business plan behind the site was to sell services based on
    packages containing this content, as well as online advertising. But
    it proved more difficult than expected to make money selling these
    services and its parent company decided to shelve the idea, at least
    for now.
    A spokeswoman for AtomicTangerine said development with of site has
    been abandoned as part of a restructuring of the parent company's
    business, which will focus on more profitable aspects of its business.
    "SecurityPortal's high quality information delivery service was
    extremely well-respected in the industry, but with the business
    restructuring and downsizing, financially, it did not make sense for
    AtomicTangerine to maintain it as it was," said a spokeswoman, who
    added that the "best parts of the site" may be offered in different
    format later.
    SecurityPortal was created as a spin-off of its AtomicTangerine's main
    business early last year, however it was brought back under the wing
    of Atomic Tangerine this May as part of its consultancy services. Now
    the idea has become another victim of the dotcom recession.
    SecurityPortal employed 12 people, most of whom have lost their jobs.
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