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Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 05:55:21 PDT

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    By George I. Seffers 
    Aug. 27, 2001 
    The Defense Intelligence Agency is seeking assistance in tracking
    computer network attacks on Defense Department systems that originate
    from an unspecified foreign country.
    DIA, a combat support agency that produces and manages foreign
    military intelligence, announced Aug. 23 that it intends to award a
    sole source contract to Veridian. Veridian will help the agency
    analyze incidents of network intrusions or cyberattacks on DOD
    networks from "computers located in a particular foreign country and
    other computers that show evidence of being under the control of
    people in that country," according to the announcement.
    The contractor will be required to collect intrusion data from DOD,
    service-specific Computer Emergency Response Teams and information
    warfare centers, analyze the data and provide a list of foreign IP
    addresses requiring further investigation. The contractor also will
    need to learn who the initiating host is and determine the level of
    Neither Veridian nor DIA could be reached for comment by press time,
    but an outside security expert said the particular country could be
    one of any on a long list, with China and Russia being prime
    candidates because of their capabilities and stated intent. Fred
    Cohen, founder of Fred Cohen & Associates, a strategic intelligence
    and security firm, also said it makes sense to focus on only one
    "It is common to focus on one particular threat in any given analysis.
    If you do not, you get generic answers that mix and match these and
    tend to exaggerate threats," Cohen said. "In order to get a real
    understanding, you need to look at one group at a time and try to
    assess their capabilities and intent."
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