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Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 05:22:22 PDT

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    Daily News Staff Writer
    August 28, 2001
    After mauling the mob, federal prosector Jim Walden is taking on
    crooks in cyberspace.
    Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Alan Vinegrad named Walden, deputy chief of the
    organized crime section, to head a new computer crime and intellectual
    property squad.
    The new unit, which has four full-time prosecutors, puts
    investigations of Internet crimes, theft of computer equipment and
    software, economic espionage and copyright theft under one umbrella.
    Walden, 34, is a brash, hard-driving prosecutor who made his bones
    with a string of mob convictions, most recently that of Bonanno
    consigliere Anthony Spero.
    "The Internet and computers are just giving criminals a new venue to
    practice old tricks," said Walden. "Our main goals are to solve
    old-style crimes using new methods and to prevent the mass havoc that
    can be created by the new style of computer vandalism."
    He noted that the recent red worm virus caused its victims $5 billion
    in damage.
    Vinegrad announced the creation of the unit last week.
    The deputy chief is Lauren Resnick, an organized crime prosecutor who
    worked on the Abner Louima police torture case. Michele Adelman, who
    prosecuted the recent stock fraud case against shoe designer Steve
    Madden, is the third member of the team. The fourth member has not
    been named.
    The Brooklyn unit is one of 10 pilot projects the Justice Department
    is launching around the country. It's an outgrowth of a computer crime
    squad created by new FBI Director Robert Mueller while he was U.S.
    attorney for the Northern District of California, which includes
    Silicon Valley, Vinegrad said.
    The prosecutors will work closely with agents from the FBI, the Secret
    Service and the Defense Department, as well as the NYPD, which
    recently announced an upgrade of its computer crimefighting
    Among the first steps, Walden said, will be to reach out to the
    private sector to forge a relationship with victims of hackers and
    software pirates.
    The unit will get special training from the Justice Department in
    Washington and the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va.
    The head of the Brooklyn U.S. attorney's criminal division, Andrew
    Weissmann, said the office is staffing the unit with two new
    prosecutor slots and two existing ones.
    "We are not just grouping existing crimes under one heading, we are
    going to devote more resources to these kinds of cases," he said. "The
    upshot is going to be a dramatic increase in prosecutions."
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