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Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 05:22:37 PDT

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    By Christopher J. Dorobek 
    Aug. 28, 2001 
    The top priority of the Defense Departments new chief information
    officer is pushing forward with network-centric warfare using
    information systems to bridge the gap between the "sensors" and the
    John Stenbit, the new assistant secretary of Defense for command,
    control, communications and intelligence and the departments CIO, said
    this approach will enable any serviceman with a gun to determine the
    10 best targets rather than having to wait for somebody else to tell
    It will mean that "anybody can get any information at any time,"
    Stenbit said in a meeting with reporters Aug. 24. He took over the CIO
    post Aug. 7.
    "That doesnt mean hes supposed to shoot," Stenbit said. "There has to
    be procedural controls.... But I do believe that its very important
    that we decentralize decision-making."
    The services must work together, he said, and DOD is increasingly
    depending on long-range weapons that put fewer U.S. soldiers at risk.
    But that also creates a gap, he said. "Were separating the shooter
    from the sensor, and we have to solve that problem. When that happens,
    you need information to exchange and be coordinated a lot," he said.
    Traditionally, such coordination has taken time. But those efforts
    have to be done essentially in real time today, he said. "We need a
    different form of information exchange."
    Another top priority is changing the information that is available, he
    said. "Weve gotten very used to certain classes of information, and I
    think there are some that are going to be more useful in the future"
    than they have been in the past, he said.
    Finally, Stenbit said he is going to focus on the reliability of
    information systems. "Once we start depending upon them, wed better
    make sure theyre there," he said.
    Overall, he said that information technology can help free up money
    from the non-fighting arm of the military, thereby making more money
    available for force structure and modernization.
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