Re: [ISN] CIO pushes network-centric warfare

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Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 22:41:44 PDT

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    > It will mean that "anybody can get any information at any time,"
    > Stenbit said in a meeting with reporters Aug. 24. He took over the
    > CIO post Aug. 7.
    >  . . .
    > Finally, Stenbit said he is going to focus on the reliability of
    > information systems. "Once we start depending upon them, wed better
    > make sure theyre there," he said.
    I'm glad to hear that he is at least saying up front that reliance on
    digital information for targetting is a huge potential risk. Consider
    what would happen if your enemy can change GPS data or targeting
    sensor data to make your systems think THEIR capitol city is really
    YOUR capitol city!  "Identify friend or foe" doesn't work when your
    sensor data can be made to lie about who "foe" is.
    > Overall, he said that information technology can help free up
    > money from the non-fighting arm of the military, thereby making
    > more money available for force structure and modernization.
    This part scares me.  I believe that this is one of the fundamental
    problems with the dot-gone economy, where C{TIE}O's consider their
    application of technology to "free up money" that can be spent
    elsewhere (e.g., huge travel budgets, huge executive signing bonuses
    and golden parachutes, huge executive salaries, a larger emphasis on
    marketing above engineering, etc.)
    I believe that the flaw in the logic here is that the application of
    technology ITSELF comes with hidden costs (in the form of security
    needs), and does not have nearly the effect on "freeing money" that
    non-technical and overly optimistic CIOs believe.  The end result is
    that risk exposure is increased, preventative measures and sound
    engineering (which include security from step one) do not take place,
    and the legal system is used as a band-aid to cover up the hemoraging
    that results.
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