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Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 01:59:00 PDT

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    I've recieved so much mail on this that I have recieved this
    additional information on the Red Cross' request.
    Computerworld has a page to sign-up if you are willing to donate IT
    goods or services to help in the wake of the tragedy in New York,
    please enter the information below. If your donation will be needed,
    you will be contacted in the coming days.,1199,NAV47_STO63804,00.html
    Again, the one main thing that the Red Cross needs is time.
    William Knowles
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    From: Chris Ridley <cridleyat_private>
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    Subject: Tech Assistance for the Red Cross
    I received the following replies from the Wash DC Red Cross Office as
    well as Joe Leo in NY.  What they really need right now is time.  The
    response from all of you and hundreds of others was overwhelming -
    even those who packed up items and took them to NYC!  If you need to
    contact someone regarding this, call or email Lisa Moczynski,
    American Red Cross NHQ, Development Strategic Analysis and Performance
    Excellence, (202) 639-3342 in Washington DC,
    I cannot express, as just an American Citizen, my thanks to those of
    you who contributed, especially to those of you not form the USA.  
    It puts SUPPORT back in IT Support!
    May God Bless you.
    Chris Ridley
    Here is the response I just received from Joe.
    Thanks so much for your generous offer. We will be in touch should
    the need arise.
    Lisa Moczynski
    American Red Cross NHQ, Development
    Strategic Analysis and Performance Excellence
    (202) 639-3342
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    To: Moczynski, Lisa
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    I am not able to check email with any regularity at this time. Please
    forgive any delays in responding to you. If you are responding to the
    request for assistance after the World Trade Center disaster, thank you! The
    support that we have received from the national I.T. community has been
    overwhelming. We received over a thousand offers of assistance and equipment
    in less than twenty-four hours! What we thought would be sent to five or six
    people has made it from sea to shining sea, awesome is the power of the
    internet. What we really need MOST at the moment is time... time to sort
    through what has been offered and to reassess our needs. Please forgive us
    if we can't respond right away and please don't forward our message at this
    time. I don't know how else to thank you all for your compassion and
    generosity but I feel privileged to be part of the I.T. community, a
    community in every sense of the word.
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