[ISN] New York Red Cross Needs Tech assistance!

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 16:02:29 PDT

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    In a rare afternoon posting of InfoSec News, I want get this news out
    that the New York Red Cross is in search of information technology
    assistance. I am sure that with whatever extras technology and
    personal come in that it will be made of use with one organization or
    William Knowles
    The New York American Red Cross is in dire need of technology
    equipment and services. The field workers and sites have little, if
    any, means of communication and the central office is processing way
    too much on completely paper systems. Your help in acquiring these
    resources would be greatly appreciated.
    If you can help, please contact: 
    Joe Leo, 
    Assistant Director, Business Applications, IT
    American Red Cross in Greater New York
    phone: 212.875.2409
    email: jleoat_private
    150 Amsterdam Avenue
    New York, NY 10023 
    PLEASE NOTE: His email is slammed, so don't resend your messages over
    and over again.
    Following is the list of equipment that the Red Cross needs for its
    field workers and expanded Emergency Operations Centers. It also needs
    certified Citrix engineers and Microsoft-certified consultants. 
    * 40 IBM computers and laptops (with NICs)
    * Monitors (with desktops)
    * Any storage solutions
    * 25 10/100 hubs (8+ Ports)
    * 100 Cat5 cables (All lengths)
    * 50 power strips
    * Any IBM-compatible memory
    * Any 3Com wireless NIC cards and LAN products
    * 30 desktop-size UPSs
    * 15 LaserJet printers (HP 1100 or faster) and printer supplies
    * 20 external Zip drives and disks
    * Any diskettes and R/W CDs
    * 5 external CD burners
    * 5 duplex document scanners
    * 25 extension cords
    * any colored tie wraps
    * any Velcro cable wraps
    * 50 Citrix client licenses
    * 12 PCMCIA LAN cards for IBM P20 ThinkPads, preferably 3Com (in
      addition to those in the new PCs)
    * 50 Microsoft Exchange CALs
    * 35 Microsoft SQL CALs
    * 50 Microsoft Office Professional licenses
    * 15 PC Anywhere licenses
    * DSL lines
    * PDAs with wireless capacity and service
    * Nextel cellphones and service
    Thanks in advance for your generous assistance. Any donation will help
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