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Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 11:37:32 PDT

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    By Diane Frank 
    Sept. 18, 2001
    Information security programs and systems at agencies across
    government are going forward, in some cases faster than before, in the
    wake of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the
    This rush comes as administrators at civilian agencies ranging from
    the Federal Aviation Administration to the Education Department's
    Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs are paying full
    attention to the risk of not securing every portion of their services
    against any type of attack, agency officials said Sept. 17. They made
    their comments at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics
    Association's Bethesda Chapter breakfast on information security.
    At the FAA, especially, programs that would have taken two to three
    years to implement, will take considerably less time now, said Michael
    Brown, director of the agency's Office of Information Systems
    "I fully feel that the process will be greatly accelerated," he said.
    For example, since last week, the FAA's computer emergency response
    team went from a part-time operation that would not be
    around-the-clock for another nine months to one that is fully
    operational now, he said.
    The Justice Department had plans to address security weaknesses
    highlighted in the department's report under the Government
    Information Security Reform Act. But following the attacks, Justice is
    already tightening its network access and authentication, moving from
    policy to implementation, said Kevin Deeley, acting deputy director
    for Justice's information management and security staff.
    During the past few years, the level of security awareness in the
    federal government has improved, said Laura Callahan, deputy chief
    information officer at the Labor Department and co-chair of the CIO
    Council's Security, Privacy and Critical Infrastructure Committee.
    But the proof of true understanding of security threats will be
    demonstrated as agencies receive the resources to follow through on
    programs, she said.
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