Re: [ISN] New York Red Cross Needs Tech assistance!

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 11:45:10 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Darren Reed <darrenrat_private>
    and Cc'd: Dominick David <David.Dominickat_private>
    [Yes for the most part this is a list on information security articles
    but people who know me, or have seen other posts I've made to other
    private lists know that infosec isn't what I spend every waking second
    on (Humanitarian projects being one of them). In this time of need I
    decided on a command call to ask the members of the list which I would
    call some of the most elite minds in technology and security if they
    could help the Red Cross at the time with getting the tecnology and
    brainpower they needed.
    Now I don't know what Darren was up to last Tuesday and Wednesday, but
    I was locked down on a military base with the expectation of
    additional terrorist threats, with the possiblity of some happening on
    the base, when requests for help were coming across my computer, I
    took it upon myself to put the word out, and in all the lists I put
    the word out, Darren is the only one to bitch. So if there is any
    other Darren's out there that don't like an occasional non-infosec
    post, a post asking to help the families of specops personal, or a
    request for $$$ for various known humanitarian groups, leave now! 
    I have little time for this   - William Knowles  9-19-2001]
    Last time I looked, isnat_private was for InfoSec News.  On top of that
    it is a list which serves as a concentrator of security announcements around
    the 'web - not exactly something you would group as a "community" list.  It
    may require lots of people to submit things.
    That's not "disaster relief" or "emergency situations" or "help the needy".
    I could go on and on but this is already inappropriate for the list.
    In some email I received from Dominick, David, sie wrote:
    [Charset ISO-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
    > You have to love insensitive people. I would ask that we share no
    > information with this person and remove them from our group.
    > Somebody this asinine obviously cares about nobody but themselves
    > and does not deserve any help from us.
    > Please either remove him from this list.
    > We are a community on this list. We try to help each other out and work
    > together. If you do not have a community mentality, then please leave us. 
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    > Forgive me for being insensitive, but will someone please explain what
    > the World Trade Centre disaster has to do with Information Security ?
    > I don't give a rats arse how much money Microsoft has given or how much
    > equipment Cisco has donated.
    > I think I've heard enough about it by now, as has the rest of the world,
    > I imagine.  I've observed my minute's silence for those who were unfortunate
    > to be caught up in this madness and heck I was standing on top of #2 just a
    > few weeks ago.  Lets move on, eh?
    > A more pertinent angle on this affair is do either the USA or terrorists
    > have any plans to make further moves which involve IT: hacking web sites,
    > launching huge DDoS attacks, HERF guns, attacking phone exchanges,or
    > large Internet telehousing/exchanges, etc.  If Bin Laden is a big user
    > of crypto then isn't he just as prone to an IT attack/failure being
    > disruptive as anyone in the USA?
    > Of all of these, the most intesting is HERF.  Why?  Well, if large
    > commercial site gets hit/targetted (lets say the NYSE) then does that
    > provide the non-government world with the pick to the lock around TEMPEST ?
    > Maybe the terrorist groups will use a nuke just to generate a large EMP
    > and wipe out a city that way.  Sure, it may be fiction in some movie or
    > book, but so was flying a large plane into an American state building
    > until last week...(yes, I read "Debt of Honor" some time ago, along with
    > "Executive Orders").
    > Hitting NYC, or just the down town area with a large EMP would have a
    > much more devastating effect, (if it was able to penetrate some of those
    > old stone bulidings) than killing thousands, on the NYSE, with most of
    > the big computer suppliers now running on lead times of "weeks" to prevent
    > inventory buildup.  Maybe those sort of weapons are too hard to build and
    > operate for Bin Laden, maybe he's never heard of them - lets hope he hasn't
    > or it's just too hard for him to make.
    > Anyway, this is more appropriate for a risks forum now than here...but
    > please, no more WTC stuff, eh, unless it has a direct relationship with
    > IT security ?
    > Darren
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