[ISN] AL Digital Acquires Second Nuclear Bunker

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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 03:10:31 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Bill Scannell <billat_private>
    [While I rarely post raw press releases, this one caught my eye only
    because I didn't belive it at first. So a quick call to the U.K. at
    4:00am C.S.T. which oddly enough was forwarded back to the U.S.
    confirmed that yes, A.L. Digital has bought a second bunker, and yes
    its being called 'The Other Bunker'. Someone is going to owe me a beer
    for that phone call. :)  - WK]
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    AL Digital Acquires Second Nuclear Bunker
    Doubles Space Available for Security of Computer Assets
    London, UK (1 October 2001) ‹ AL Digital (Telecommunications), Ltd.,
    a leading provider of secure computer hosting and owner of The
    Bunker, today announced the purchase of a second nuclear bunker from
    the Ministry of Defence.  The terms were undisclosed.
    This second bunker ‹now known as The Other Bunker‹ will effectively
    double the space available for the secure storage and hosting of
    Britain's digital economic assets.  Located northeast of London, The
    Other Bunker will undergo retrofitting before being deployed as a
    computer co-location facility.
    The Bunker and The Other Bunker were designed and built during the
    Cold War as physically secure communications centres. Both offer the
    ultimate in protection from a myriad of attacks including; crackers,
    terrorist attack, electro-magnetic pulse, HERF weapons, electronic
    eavesdropping and solar flares.
    The rate of firms moving into The Bunker has accelerated dramatically
    in recent weeks, creating the need for additional secure computing
    space in the UK.  
    "Increased demand has caused us to move forward our timetable ," said
    AL Digital Director Dominic Hawkin. "The Other Bunker needs to be
    open for business sooner than we planned."
    The Other Bunker is scheduled to have its first client servers
    installed by mid-2002.  The storage capacity of the The Bunker will
    be able to absorb the needs of the market until that time. ENDS
    About The Bunker and The Other Bunker
    The Bunker is redefining the market for secure hosting. The facility
    provides the physically secure environment needed to protect
    digitally secure data.  All the encryption in the world can't stop a
    server from being stolen, sabotaged or destroyed: The Bunker does.
    For more information, visit The Bunker web site at
    About AL Digital
    A.L Digital design, develop, deploy and run computing systems. These
    range from sophisticated software applications, to online stores, to
    custom designed hardware.
    For more information, visit AL Digital's web site at
    Bill Scannell
    The Bunker, Ltd.
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