[ISN] Re: AL Digital Acquires Second Nuclear Bunker

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Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 02:29:10 PDT

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    > On 1 Oct 2001 at 3:02, John Doe Number Two wrote:
    > > The Bunker and The Other Bunker were designed and built during the
    > > Cold War as physically secure communications centres. Both offer the
    > > ultimate in protection from a myriad of attacks including; crackers,
    > > terrorist attack, electro-magnetic pulse, HERF weapons, electronic
    > > eavesdropping and solar flares.
    > Nonsense.
    > As someone who (in a previous career) designed, built and
    > maintained such buildings I'm fed up of such writing spouted by PR
    > companies and others.
    > Such a building will provide a level of protection against some of
    > the forms of attack listed. However, like any other form of
    > protection, that protection is not ultimate. The protection
    > provided depends on the installation design, maintenance and
    > operation.
    > For example, a terrorist attack could take many forms, groups of
    > people on foot for example. I doubt whether these buildings will
    > have troops to resist groups of attackers from getting close.
    > Doors (and I have seen some very impressive doors) can always be
    > opened with suitable tools and time, or bypassed if that is
    > easier. Unless the buildings are run in closed down mode all the
    > time (expensive on electricity and filters, not the way to attract
    > staff due to the limited air) a simple gas attack on the air
    > inlets would disable the building easily anyway.
    > While these buildings undoubtedly provide a far more secure
    > environment than the typical tin shed (with or without single-skin
    > block walls) that most "secure" computer spaces are inside, it is
    > deceitful to talk about "the ultimate protection". By all means
    > the company should offer the service, but they should not mis-sell
    > what they offer.
    > There is no such thing as a physically secure building. Even the
    > most important military headquarters in "the west", which are
    > still in use for their original purpose, can be destroyed by a
    > suitable attack.
    > Yes, I have pointed this out to the company before in private.
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