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    I agree mostly rf.  Being from a previous military organization that
    had links to this type of information I can see what is happening.  
    In the past we've received threats almost on a daily basis that we've
    just continuously blown off, just like we had an idea of Sept. 11th.  
    So many threats that you can't begin to process them all for
    legitimacy w/ our past organization size allotted to this task.  We
    now have almost no choice to jump on every slightly credible threat or
    the Intel organizations are going to take another bad hit that will
    make the public go into a frenzy.
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    There are two reasons for them to keep issuing these warnings.
    Conspiracy Theory:
    The reason why we keep seeing these "credible warnings" is simple. By
    issuing a warning, even one as nebulous as what we've seen recently,
    the FBI - the agency in charge of counterterrorism - can have
    plausibile deniability in the event something occurs.
    Week 2: "We have credible evidence...'  (Nothing happens)
    Week 3: Bad press aimed at FBI for panicking folks
    Week 4: "we have credible evidence...' (Nothing happnes)
    Week 5: More bad press aimed at FBI for panicking folks
    Week 24: "We have credible evidence...." (SOMETHING HAPPENS)
    Week 25: Press goes ga-ga and sings the FBI's praises for alertness; Emperor
    Ashcroft lobbies for and receives more funding for FY03.
    Now they can honestly say they provided public warning, and as a
    result, are cleared of any 'witholding information' that cost American
    Hopefully-The-Real-Reason Theory:
    Of course, the rationalist in me sees this as a catch-22 for the FBI.
    If they DON'T issue an alert, and something happens, they're bitched
    at for witholding information and being incompetent. If they DO issue
    an alert, and nothing happens, they're bitched at for undue panic and
    fear-mongering. A frustrating situation, to be sure. I hope this is
    the real reason for them doing this.
    My 2 cents.
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