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Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 01:55:29 PST

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    Okay, I just can't deal anymore, and *have* to point out the bloody
    obvious.  Who keeps arranging that all these officials keep receiving
    "credible evidence" about terrorist plans?  The terrorists, of course.
    Why would they warn us about anything they were *really* going to do?!
    We'll keep on receiving "credible evidence", and keep being put on "high
    alert" for what's supposed to happen this week or next week or somtime
    in December or whatever, and nothing will keep happening, so we'll get
    complacent like the fat, lazy American cows we are and ignore the whole
    thing, and then all of a sudden WHAM, will come another huge, tightly-
    executed disaster, likely using a methodology that nobody thought of.
    Just like last time.  They won't blow up a mall, they won't use commercial
    jets again, they won't drive van-bombs into government building complexes,
    they probably won't go after bridges this time because they've already
    threatened the bridges ... they won't do any of that standard stuff,
    because that sort of thing is just what we're looking for.  They'll do
    something different, and they'll bide their time until they KNOW they can
    get away with it right under our NOSES.  We're apparently collectively too
    STUPID to see right through this sort of strategy, and in typical American
    butthead SUV-driving fashion, only see the short-term gain or loss.  You
    have only to look at the economy for proof.  Where are the day-traders now?
    And we've even got the arrogance to IGNORE everything the Israelis have
    learned over the last THOUSAND or more years.  Bet we didn't even ask,
    given the running-in-tiny-circles they're doing at airports nowadays.
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