Re: [ISN] Cyber terrorism is 'fantasy'

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Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 23:47:56 PST

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    Forwarded from: Dan Verton <Dan_Vertonat_private>
    <<It wasn't the bombs themselves that caused the downfall of the
    Soviets, but the threat of their use that did it.  One has to step
    back and see the forest, not just the trees or the twigs.>> John
    Ellingson, CEO, Edentification, Inc.>>
    John, I would argue that even today, in an age of cyber warfare
    tactics (i.e. Kosovo, to a certain extent Desert Storm, Bosnia, and
    unconfirmed reports that cyber tactics are being planned against
    networked air defense systems in Afghanistan) that deterrence is still
    measured in Curise Missiles, not bits and bytes.
    One of the things that has been missed in studies of 20th century U.S.
    military and foreign policy has been the subtle changes that have
    taken place in the effectiveness of the U.S. power projection -- a key
    element of our foreign policy. That shift has been the need in recent
    years to actually go the one step further and take action, whereas in
    the past it was almost always enough to send an aircraft carrier to a
    region to convince country XYZ that we meant business. Despite the
    overwhelming advantgae that we enjoy in conventional (non-cyber)
    capabilities, our adversaries are increasingly opting to force us to
    act. And that most often means physical destruction, men on the
    ground. If you know how to draw a line in the sand with a mouse that
    will stop a determined army, let me know. I could use the money from
    that patent. :-)
    Dan Verton
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