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    'Mujihadeen' Hackers Take Out US Government Sites 
    By Brian McWilliams, Newsbytes, 11/30/2001 
    Two Web sites operated by the United States government were attacked
    Thursday by a group that threatened violence against Americans.
    The hackers vandalized the home page of the NOAA Office of High
    Performance Computing and Communications, as well a Web server
    operated by the National Institute of Health's National Human Genome
    Research Institute, according to a mirror of the defacements captured
    by the Alldas defacement archive.
    Both defaced pages bore the flag of Saudi Arabia and contained titles
    that read, in Urdu, "Allah is the greatest of all." At the bottom of
    the pages was a sentence that read in Urdu "Americans be prepared to
    The hackers did not identify the name of their group but signed the
    pages "anonymous."  Officials from the two U.S. organizations were not
    immediately available for comment. Both Web sites, which were running
    the Apache Web server on the Linux operating system, were unreachable
    In the message at the NIH site, the attackers called themselves
    "mujihadeens" and wrote "we are not hacker, we are just
    cyberterrorist." On the NOAA site, the group threatened "the greatest
    cyberterrorist attack against American government"
    Separately, a Web site attacker from a group called World Of Hell
    today defaced a server operated by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and
    Development Center (ERDC).
    The home page of the Army's Waterways Experiment Station was replaced
    with the World of Hell logo and a taunting message that included
    greetings to numerous other defacers.  The attacker, who used the
    nickname Rivver, claimed to have obtained classified information that
    he threatened to distribute.
    According to a copy of the original site cached at the Google search
    engine, the ERDC's mission is "to conceive, plan, study and execute
    engineering investigations and research and development studies in
    support of the civil and military missions of the Corps of Engineers
    and other federal agencies."
    Among the groups listed in the "shoutz" section of the World of Hell
    defacement was GForce, a Pakistani hacking crew that recently formed
    the Al-Qaeda Alliance to attack Department of Defense sites. GForce
    defaced two military sites in October.
    A mirror of the NOAA defacement is here: . 
    The NIH site defacement is mirrored at . 
    The Army site defacement is mirrored at .
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