Re: [ISN] Cyber terrorism is 'fantasy'

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Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 23:45:54 PST

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    Forwarded from: Aj Effin Reznor <ajat_private>
    "InfoSec News was known to say....."
    >    --> "commercial aircraft as bomb" is VERY feasible but NOT likely;
    >    --> "computer virus as bomb" is NOT feasible but VERY likely.
    This is debatable.  However before I (and hopefully the rest of the
    more vocal subscribers) jump in.....
    > Knowles & others (e.g. Michael Vatis, Richard Clarke) could
    > validate their cyber-terrorism arguments with just one -- I
    > repeat, ONE -- technologically feasible idea for destroying
    > America with a computer virus.
    We need a clear cut definition of "destroy America".  Without that
    well-defined objective, this becomes an arguement that spirals onward
    without termination as people produce wild, vivid and sometimes even
    feasible scenarios, and the whole while the issuer of said challenger
    keeps backing up and applying more and more outlandish criteria to
    keep the "you can't fill the bill" statement, well, unfilled.
    So, what's it mean, your statement?  What destroys Amerika?  A "virus"
    (or maybe more applicably, a worm) that downs the Internet?  Only the
    core routers? A majority (50% +1) ?  Hoses primary DNS servers?
    Something not internet related?  Hoses the economy?  Causes a vast
    majority of the populace to lose faith (I mean, moreso than the
    standard levels of complaining and disenfranchisement) ?
    Tell us what "destroys America" exactly, so we can try to tell you how
    it's done :)
    > Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths editor
    > Truth about computer virus hysteria
    Nice to meet ya, Rob.  FWIW (and I'm not expecting much) I personally
    found site navigation easier on the old kumite site (not to attack or
    critique you in this forum.  Apologies if it sounds as such, not my
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