[ISN] [defaced-commentary] Another HP machine defaced. Why don't they run their own OS?

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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 00:11:01 PST

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    Subject: [defaced-commentary] Another HP machine defaced. Why don't they
        run their own OS?
    On December 16, a group known as 'AIC' compromised and defaced a
    server on Hewlett-Packard's network. Looking at the defacement
    archives over the past few years, this is not terribly interesting and
    barely qualifies as "high profile". What I found interesting is the
    history when looking at the operating system each defaced hp.com
    machine was running. Despite making a variety of unix called HP-UX,
    their network appears to be dominated by Windows NT machines.  Of the
    three unix boxes defaced, two were linux and only one HP-UX it seems.
    This is more interesting when you read their front page highlights
    (partially quoted below). Also ironic is the amount of security
    software and services they tout on their pages.
    Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HWP) announced today that in the third
    quarter of calendar year 2001 it grew revenue market share in the
    entry-level, mid-range, high-end and total UNIX server categories
    worldwide and is in the lead position in mid-range and high-end server
    HP secure OS software for Linux
    They also have a line of products for Secure Web Server Platforms.
    Defacer: antihackerlink         OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: Unknown                OS: Unix
    Defacer: Silver Lords           OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: Yoda's Klan            OS: Linux
    Defacer: sm0ked crew            OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: iz c0rp                OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: iz c0rp                OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: Agressive Boys         OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: WoH                    OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: PoizonB0x              OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: Hi-Tech Hate           OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: Hi-Tech Hate           OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: Hi-Tech Hate           OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: Hi-Tech Hate           OS: Windows NT
    Defacer: AIC                    OS: Red Hat Linux
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