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Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 22:13:02 PST

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    Forwarded from: Bill Schneid <SleuthOneat_private>
    My "Op-Ed" posting was not meant to be a thesis on the juvenile
    offender and their propensity for certain behavior.
    I could have bored the forum "to death."
    Society has long condemned the offender--even by forever black marking
    someone's "record" -if ONLY an arrest.
    Of course times have changed.  I remember using a pocket calculator
    instead of a slide rule and getting a "F" for using a "cheating
    Getting back to point:  Mitnick was/is the martyr for many.  
    So-called "cybercrime" is still costing industry/govt billions and we
    are as ill-equipped to deal with the cyber-offender as we are with the
    drug-offender and we've had drug offenders around since the early
    This is still the wild-wild west for law enforcement (yes, that
    includes criminologists) and the learning curve is lousey at best.
    Criminologists, by definition, deal with the so-called "criminal mind"
    and the "penal systems"--hardly a pure science.
    As to "digging up shit on you"--we only work when we get paid!
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    pig loved it anyway."
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