Re: [ISN] MITNICK, et al

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Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 23:32:09 PST

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    > Getting back to point:  Mitnick was/is the martyr for many.  
    > So-called "cybercrime" is still costing industry/govt billions and
    > we are as ill-equipped to deal with the cyber-offender as we are
    > with the drug-offender and we've had drug offenders around since
    > the early 1900's.
    Are these real billions, or the ficticious billions companies and the
    gov't like to throw around?  Or the high roller value attached to the
    infamous e911 document which was found to be offered for sale but it's
    owner for well under one hundred US dollars?
    I think 2002's tentative tagline (already) should be "Got stats?"
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