[ISN] AOL buddy-hole fix has backdoor

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 04:02:46 PST

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    By Thomas C Greene in Washington
    Posted: 09/01/2002 at 06:17 GMT
    A member of w00w00, the security enthusiasts who first reported the
    AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) games request vulnerability, has alerted
    users that a fix the group recommends has its own backdoor.
    Apparently, the AIM Filter by Robbie Saunders which w00w00 had
    recommended is infected, group member Jordan Ritter disclosed on the
    Bugtraq mailing list late Tuesday.
    "At the time, Robbie Saunders' AIM Filter seemed like a nice temporary
    solution. Unfortunately, it instead produces cash-paid click-throughs
    over time intervals and contains backdoor code combined with basic
    obfuscation to divulge system information and launch several Web
    browsers to porn sites," Ritter wrote.
    "We only took the time to verify that it blocked the attack, since an
    analysis of AIM filter wasn't our priority. Mea culpa."
    w00w00 has since devised a clean version of AIM Filter.
    Meanwhile, Saunders says on his Web site that the advisory is
    "The filter enables the user on the screen name 'robbieiship' to use
    two admin commands: 1) get your IP and build number [in case I should
    feel like reporting you to your ISP]; 2) shut down your AIM Filter and
    open five embarrassing Web sites [in case you mess with my friends]."
    "The cash-paid click-throughs are because I need money and they only
    go in once (when you open the filter) and not on time intervals like
    w00w00 claims."
    A subsequent post to Bugtraq by w00w00 member Tim Yardley supports
    part of this claim, but not all of it.
    "The query user packet would send a message to Robbie Saunders with
    the IP address of your machine. The DC [direct connection?] packet
    would open four Web browsers to various porn sites."
    "The DC loop packet would send the DC packet in a message over and
    over, until length of 7900 was reached (max transmission size I
    guess). On connect, the software would connect to two different sites
    using Robbie's click ID (to generate money for him). There was also a
    timer that did this same thing."
    So there we have two slightly different accounts, but general
    consensus that AIM FIlter isn't a terribly dangerous thing, if not
    terribly polite.
    As for those who installed AIM Filter, so far as we know at the
    moment, removing it is all that's required to defeat it. We will of
    course follow up if anything further emerges.
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