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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 03:55:07 PST

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    Forwarded from: "Huggins, Michael" <mhhugginsat_private>
    Interesting that all "Security Expert"  believe that just because one
    is placed in a position of authority, or selected for responsibility
    that one must think and behave as they do.
    My concern is not where the individual cut his teeth but, what will
    that individual bring to the table.  When I hear the banter that is
    generated by, "security experts" regarding the lack of concern of AOL,
    or MS or even the repetitive US Government Receives Failing Grade In
    Information Security or labeling federal international statutes
    irrelevant cause they don't see it the way you do.  I see you whipping
    them but, I do not see you offering up your 100,000 plus consultant
    job to fix the problem.
    My 25 Years of experience has shown me that money doesn't solve issues
    people do. As security experts we should be providing assistance and
    recommendations to those desiring to better our environment.  More
    productivity is wasted in whining than in any other arena.
    There are a multitude of government and private solutions that we
    could better serve then lambasting the individuals and corporations
    that we all know (truly) are trying to better the environment we
    operate in.
    I recommend each of us to take a look at the NIST draft documents,
    Participate in the Human Firewall evaluation, Contact SANS (SCORE) and
    other multiple (free no cost but, your effort) solutions looking to
    improve security.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Michael H. Huggins, CISSP, CTOC USN (ret)
    Forwarded from: Bill Barrett <bill_barrettat_private>
    > Forwarded from: Ejovi Nuwere <ejoviat_private>
    >> He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master 
    >> of arts in organizational management from the University of Phoenix.
    > Cool! The person who is in charge of protecting America from cyber 
    > attackers recieved his degree from an Online University. I feel real 
    > safe now.
    Actually at the time that he earned his degree the University of
    Phoenix didn't offer an online masters program.  Nor is it strictly
    online anyway, you still have to attend classes.  all of which is
    beside the point.  What bothers me is that his big experience that
    qualifies him for the job is working for Microsoft.  Yep, that's a
    bastion of computer security.
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