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Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 01:05:16 PST

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    I have to respectfully disagree with Chris Wysopal.
    "Chris Wysopal, director of research and development for security
    company @Stake, argued that an early warning can sometimes actually
    hurt security, tipping off malicious attackers to the vulnerability."
    Does early warning help script kiddies, most definitely.  However it
    also helps admins protect their systems against these attacks.  A
    script kiddie can't use an exploit that an admin has prepared against.  
    Thus the exploit is useless against an informed admin.
    We can see this with w00w00's most recent advisory.  w00w00's advisory
    did provide script kiddies with a new weapon (the exploit code),
    however they also provided protection against it (AIM filter and
    restricting incoming requests).  How many of us downloaded AIM filter
    the moment we verified the advisory?  Every person who loaded AIM
    filter was once less target for the newly armed script kiddies.
    As an afterthought, does anyone else find it interesting that
    Microsoft .Net (secure Internet lol) already has its own virus (see
    ISN's post titled Virus writers take an early crack at .Net.  
    Microsoft failing the security test, they haven't even bothered to
    show up.
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    By Robert Lemos
    Special to ZDNet News
    January 11, 2002 4:38 AM PT
    Microsoft's security initiatives and the release of the company's
    "most secure operating system yet" haven't quashed myriad holes that
    security experts say put customers in harm's way.
    Although the software titan has been touting the need for security
    through its Secure Windows Initiative, the recent revelation of a
    severe flaw in the company's flagship Windows XP operating
    system--combined with the discoveries of several recent Internet
    Explorer browser holes--has left security experts questioning whether
    Microsoft can fully lock down its products.
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