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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 23:14:49 PST

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    > I would like to say that anytime a website gets defaced there are
    > always monetary damages.
    Very true. I agree.
    > There are always qualitative damages that are hard to put a dollar
    > figure on.
    While that is true, I find the 'well - because we were defaced for
    almost 3 hours, we lost a quater of a million dollars in Internet
    based Revenue excuse disgusting. The 'qualtitative damages' argument
    leaves business the opportunity to put insane dollar amounts on the
    idea of 'what we *could* have made.'
    > If a customer goes to the gap website and finds it defaced are
    > they going to feel comfortable doing business with them over the
    > web?  Also the webservers admin probably gets fired or reprimanded
    > and some might just not know how to secure their webservers.  
    > Ignorance doesn't beg or justify attack.
    I disagree. I know that I have unpopular thinking - however, i think
    that if you wish to compete (business-wise) on the Internet, then you
    should be taking the poper steps to protect your systems. The Internet
    wasn't formed as a way for businesses to make more money, and I still
    don't think of it as such. Granted, Hackers (crackers, etc) shouldn't
    be attacking systems, but if your going to take the risk of
    advertising on the Internet, then you should be ready to do what it
    takes to protect your investements.
    > The fact that these kids are going to get off with just a slap on
    > the wrist does not seem fair.  What do other people think?
    What would you do to them? Would you send them to federal prison? Do
    you think hacking web sites justifies (which, might I add is a
    physicaly *harmless* crime)? I don't....I think that it is a crime
    however, which should be dealth with accordingly. However, that's the
    question isn't it? What can we consider an equal punishment? Prison
    time, in my humble opinion, is much to harsh.
    Anyway, thats a discussion for another day.
    > Cheers,
    > Leon
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    > Philip Willan, IDG News Service
    > Tuesday, January 15, 2002
    > ROME -- Italian police have identified six members of a hacker
    > group charged with attacking thousands of Web sites in 62
    > countries, replacing official home pages with anti-globalization
    > slogans, finance police officials said Tuesday. The group is one
    > of the most important to be discovered in terms of the number and
    > significance of its targets, officials said.
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