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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 00:34:00 PST

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    I read your column back in Dec, and I found your follow-on comments
    equally interesting...
    > Our elected leaders sound like a bunch of uninformed cable news
    > analysts with their constant use of 'cyber' buzzwords
    Where do you think our elected 'leaders' are getting
    the buzzwords...from the uninformed media, silly!
    > 'Cybersecurity' is a meaningless term that tells me that nine times
    > out of ten, the person saying it has little or no understanding of
    > information assurance practices.
    Your point being?  It's intuitively obvious to the most casual
    observer that our 'leaders' really have no idea regarding security
    > Note both of these proposed Acts throw large money for research and
    > long-term analysis of security-related problems. It seems to me
    > there's more money being spent analyzing our problems than actually
    > addressing them, even though we already KNOW what (and where) the
    > problems are!
    Exactly!  We know what the problems are, and we know that the words of
    various people and groups bent on correcting the problem have fallen
    on deaf and impotent ears.
    Standing up yet another group of academics and 'leaders' to take a
    look at long-term solutions to security we
    already have in going to be as ineffective as the Senate
    hearings we've already endured.  Or as lips on chickens.
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