[ISN] Al Qaeda Seen Using Web to Regroup

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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 00:28:22 PST

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    Al Qaeda Seen Using Web to Regroup, NY Times Says [Reuters]
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Newly detected Internet traffic among al Qaeda
    followers, including intercepted e-mail messages, indicates that
    elements of the organization may be trying to regroup in remote parts
    of Pakistan near the Afghan border, the New York Times reported on
    U.S. government officials say they have found new Web sites and
    Internet communications that appear to be part of an effort to
    reconstitute Al Qaeda and reestablish communications after the war in
    Afghanistan, the Times said.
    Officials said the new communications traffic was a serious concern
    because they feared that Al Qaeda could use the Internet to launch new
    attacks against the United States, but the content of the intercepted
    cyber traffic has not indicated specific threats, the Times reported.
    Al Qaeda operatives often check messages in public places around the
    world, making them hard to track, the Times said.
    At least some of the communications can be traced back to Pakistan,
    said a senior law enforcement official told the Times. American
    officials believe villages in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan,
    and perhaps others in the disputed Kashmir region, could be serving as
    new sanctuaries for Al Qaeda members, the Times said.
    It is unclear whether the communications signal leadership trying to
    control various elements of the organization or simply members
    speaking to each other, the Times said. So far, there is no sign of
    Osama bin Laden or other top leaders communicating with followers, the
    Times said.
    After the Sept. 11 attacks, investigators found that the hijackers
    communicated with each other in hundreds of e-mail messages often sent
    from public places, the Times said.
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