RE: [ISN] Internet-based Counterintelligence against the CIA

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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 00:23:39 PST

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    Forwarded from: Brooks Isoldi <bjisoldiat_private>
    	One can only wonder *exactly* why TrustMatta performed this
    "Counterintelligence excercise".  Seriously, is this meant to wake
    people up to the amount of information available or to give the CIA a
    black eye?  Or is it meant to draw attention to the courses/services
    offered by Matta (i.e. a publicity stunt)?  Did TrustMatta perform
    this same CI excercise against their own organization?  While Matta
    mentioned several times that this information was gleaned strictly
    from open sources, and I commend them for that and for the focus on
    open sources, the information in this report is not really anything
    special, nor is it something that isn't available for almost any
    entity with a web presence.  This report would have also greatly
    benefited from a conclusion of the data, including the statement that
    this information would only be the first steps of the initial phase of
    a focused, dedicated attack on a target network.  It also seems to
    suffer from the two links (one at the top and one at the bottom) to
    courses Matta offers on Information Security.
    	On another note, I did find the rather large list of names,
    email address' and phone numbers surprising, however a quick search on
    Google for some of those names reveal the following:
    	Steve Argubright, Dennis Taylor and Paul Vick are all PUBLIC
    points of contact for the NCIX (National Counterintelligence
    Executive).  Their contact information is there, accessible by anyone
    with a webrowser for a reason.  They are most likely PR of some sort,
    especially considering their names show up on the "Upcoming Events"
    page for the NCIX.  For those who don't know, in addition to running
    counterintelligence ops, the NCIX also works with industry and
    commercial entities (and perhaps the general public to a small extent)
    on protecting themselves from corporate espionage.  That alone means
    they require publicly accessible "Points of Contact".
    	Richard Corliss happens to be the webmaster for the NCIX.  
    Enough said, I think...any web presence is going to provide contact
    information for their webmaster.
    	I didn't bother doing this for all the names, I just skimmed a
    few off the top, however I am sure that had I done the same for ALL of
    the names, I would have found the same pattern for many more of the
    names.  This is not to say that there is no information out there on
    the web that SHOULDNT be, all I am saying is this report seems to be
    fluffed up with the use of names and information that is out there for
    a reason.  It seems like another FUD'ish report, with someone keeping
    their finger on the *PANIC* button.
    Brooks Isoldi
    The Intelligence Network
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    becomes necessary for one People to
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    connected them with another..."
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    Dear all,
    Yesterday the consultants of the Matta Attack & Penetration Team
    released a white paper documenting an entirely legal
    counterintelligence exercise undertaken over 2 days against the CIA's
    Internet points of presence, using open sources of information.
    Our results can be found in PDF format at
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