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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 23:58:01 PST

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    Forwarded from: matthew patton <pattonmeat_private>
    > I can only assume the entire Navy is like this. Maybe they should
    > make security school a requirement before they send these guys to
    > run a network.
    I would second this but having been thru what the USAF purports to
    call CompSci training hosted at Biloxi, MS we are evermore doomed to
    failure. It is from this pool of 'talent' that the USAF relies upon to
    staff Lan shop officers. Purhaps the enlisted folk have better
    training and can be relied upon to have some measure of clue but I
    doubt it. Instead of spending tons of money on debatable security
    measures I wish the feds would instead put every last sysadmin thru a
    technical boot camp. And pound into their thick brains the absolutely
    minimally acceptable security/administrative procedures. That and send
    the admins to SANS conferences where they just might realize the world
    is a dangerous place and that just because you're gov't or military
    doesn't mean your network is invulnerable. Whenever I meet a sysadmin
    (contractor or uniformed) that works for the gov't I always assume
    they are incompetent until they prove otherwise. And regrettibly the
    incompetents far outnumber the clueful.
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