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Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 01:43:51 PST

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      >>I for one know where my local Infragard outreach coordinator
      >>was, he was contacting members within minutes of the attack
      >>and kept us up to date with everything that was going on.
    Don't confuse a successful outreach program with FBI NIPC's previous
    incompetent administration.  Director Michael Vatis co-opted Infragard
    just to make him & his cronies look good.  Idiot savant Richard
    Clarke, speaking at a Senate hearing last month -- a hearing I
    attended, by the way -- all but admitted Vatis got fired before 9/11.  
    And Clarke further stressed FBI NIPC completed an all-important
    management shakeup after 9/11.
    I've gone on the record multiple times as a strong supporter of
    Infragard. Vatis co-opted it for all the *wrong* reasons but, after
    Ron Dick took the helm, he made a strong effort to co-opt it for all
    the *right* reasons.
      >>Negativism of this sort is based on a lack of knowledge,
      >>become involved and you will see that the government was
    I'll make two vague assumptions from your one lone message.  First:
    you perhaps only know FBI NIPC via Infragard.  Second: you perhaps
    don't know how much I cover FBI NIPC (no big deal).
    As for the former, I hope you'll visit when
    you get a chance.  It'll increase your knowledge.
    As for the latter, I've got a not-so-disgruntled-anymore source
    sitting inside HQ FBI NIPC, not to mention two sources (one high, one
    low) who regularly had to put up with Vatis.  (And Clarke.)
    It took an enormously embarrassing low-tech infrastructure attack to
    force FBI NIPC to focus on their true presidential charter.  They
    still need to work a lot more on obeying their charter, but at least
    they pay something more than lip service to it these days.  I mean
    absolutely NO insult when I say "9/11 was the best thing to happen to
    Dick's reign at FBI NIPC."
    Do we need a National Infrastructure Protection Center?  You bet.  
    Oklahoma City proved it.  Do we need a National *Internet* Protection
    Center?  You bet.  Nothing has yet proved its need, but it'll come
    someday.  Right now, though, I'm a tad more concerned about Osama bin
    Laden, not Osama bin Virus. I can't restore my family from backups,
    It pains me to see FBI agents working to find website defacers and
    drawing guns on 14yr-old keyboard surfers when they should be working
    to find sleeper cells and drawing guns on 28yr-old Al Qaeda suspects.
      >>I can back this up with 370 members of our local
      >>infrastructure group.
    You win on scale, Mike.  Our Des Moines, IA Infragard chapter sucks by
    PS: why don't you look me up in your database.  You'll find me at
        First Command since 1984.  Don't worry: Donald Gene Burleson 
        didn't delete my record in 1987.
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