[ISN] MS "threatens" to withdraw XP

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Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 01:38:04 PST

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    Business Times
    6 Mar 2002
    WASHINGTON - Microsoft contends that it will be forced to pull Windows
    XP off the market and be unable to develop new systems if antitrust
    sanctions sought by state prosecutors are granted.
    In court documents released on Monday, Microsoft denied that the
    proposal was part of a "doomsday defence," but said the remedy sought
    by the states are a "calculated effort by Microsoft's competitors to
    inflict maximum commercial injury on the company, without regard to
    the well-being of the industry or consumers."
    The states that rejected last year's antitrust settlement accepted by
    the US Justice Department are to begin their case next week in US
    District Court here.
    They are seeking tougher penalties, including a stripped-down version
    of Windows, which would eliminate Microsoft's advantage of
    incorporating various items of software, such as Internet browsers and
    media players, in the operating system.
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