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Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 01:37:04 PST

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    I have to agree with Michael.  The various agencies (I believe) were
    very much on top of the situation.  I think our government (everyone
    from the IC, to the various arms of the federal government, to the
    state and finally the city government and Law Enforcement) handled
    Sept 11 extroadinarily well. There were also numerous private citizens
    who are very much involved with national security and the intelligence
    community who did MORE than their fair share of information
    dissemination.  Information was able to make it's way around the
    nation to the people who needed it quite efficiently despite the loss
    of communications throughout almost the entire tri-state area.
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    I for one know where my local Infragard outreach coordinator was, he
    was contacting members within minutes of the attack and kept us up to
    date with everything that was going on.
    Negativism of this sort is based on a lack of knowledge, become
    involved and you will see that the government was active in helping
    identify issues, clarify what was really happening and educating the
    membership and non members.
    I can back this up with 370 members of our local infrastructure group.
    Very respectfully
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