Re: [ISN] Digital Destruction Was Worst Imaginable

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 00:44:44 PST

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    Forwarded from: Andrew Simmons <andrewat_private>
    InfoSec News wrote:
    > Forwarded from: Brooks Isoldi <bjisoldiat_private>
    > I have to agree with Michael.  The various agencies (I believe) were
    > very much on top of the situation.  I think our government (everyone
    > from the IC, to the various arms of the federal government, to the
    > state and finally the city government and Law Enforcement) handled
    > Sept 11 extroadinarily well. There were also numerous private
    > citizens who are very much involved with national security and the
    > intelligence community who did MORE than their fair share of
    > information dissemination.  Information was able to make it's way
    > around the nation to the people who needed it quite efficiently
    > despite the loss of communications throughout almost the entire
    > tri-state area.
    ISN readers may be interested in the post-9/11 threads on the NANOG
    mailing list; see for example thread starting :
    "What worked - what didn't" (Sean Donelan):
    (BTW, I have no NANOG affiliation, I just lurk on the list.)
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